Saturday, July 14, 2012

On our way to BADWATER!

Hello everyone :) from Dallas airport. We are waiting for our connecting flight to Las Vegas; where we have a full day of pre-race preparations planned. Please continue to pray for our safe arrival and rest. We will get a SUV or a really cool van at the airport and then head out to Death Valley, eeekkkk I hate even typing it...DEATH VALLEY. It sounds so gut wrenchingly dreadful. Anyhow..looking forward to the Rizk it all including our lives adventure :) thank you tremendously to all of you for your prayers and funds supporting Love-N-Care ministries in motivating Levi to do the badwater race. Please check out Love-N-Care ministry website to see all the amazing work being done for the unfortunate children and people across the world. So much soon. Levi and Mandy

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