Monday, April 9, 2012

Fullness begins in the Reflections of a Moon

Footsteps - not in sync
   just yet
Stillness exists except
   the sight of you - just ahead
Purposefully out of reach
Unaware - that an
   interrupting silence
Summons this rythm
We cannot break nor perfect
But somehow continue to create.

Despite distance, vast space
   two beating hearts
are converging into one
Aligned tress, troden trails
natures silhoutte displays
something unspoken from the wind
Just a breeze - as if a
   whisper suggests
A simple majestic disparity between
   your pain and my peace

So this beckoning mind
   searches and seeks a
Warmth unavailable amoung
   the unending rows of evergreens
and rocky dead ended paths.
Tis the sun in this stillness
   that gives ease and rest
with no where to go
A want for nothing seen
Birds cry for the beginning
   and the end
to THAT which never fails and
   always bring Joy
A heart takes wait and sees
   the unseen - knowing this
sun may set too soon.
But darkenss will never
   overcome from within
Not in a place such a this.

Dig DEEP, Deeper than your
Blistering Skin or Broken Bones
That which
won't ever unbreak your heart.
AND Know it
Recognize it even in complete Blackness
   without the fullness of the moon
on a night such as this
Shut your eyes - see it right in front of you.

YES! There is is...
touch it
taste it
know it
for it may last but a sun rise
remember this place - and listen as it
asks without speaking

What my love, do you run from?
Where shall you go that does not haunt?
What place do you chase within an empty heart?
Do you see that your feet, body, and mind, mimick my own broken life?
Can any of this be mended, replicated, or replaced?

What drives you in such a race?
And for what, to where, and for whom?
At what point does this present pain and broken body become enough?
Is it ever enough?
Should it be?

He is calling you Levi, when shall you listen?
What will be your answer?

For it is not for me to know
   or understand
My light has a different reflection
   amoung the living even
   to those with no rest
It will not be long now
Before the darkness
   comes upon us and a chill
But to to such anticipation
No anxiety could describe
Like screaming children
   lost in an endless night
your flesh will burn the death away.

I see it now - seeping in
creaping sliently within
   the spaces unattended to
   left undone
   unmade. Alone Before
Sunset. Guarded together
it must be embraced. Without
   explaination it's Beauty
Will shine through
Waiting - my skin
waits for warmth
But will not Win Nor Be
Freed. Will We? When
  my love, when?

Take me into the Night
   with strength coming
from somewhere else and
When we cannot go on together
When you feel you must stop - Just
   start again
Breathe yourself into the morning
   that begins
the promised ending
of a new beginning
from what
he has begun in you.

written by the love of my life, Mandy Rizk
12/10/12 Our first Race together..Reflections from Bartram

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