Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brazil 135 Ultramarathon

Thoughts of applying to Brazil 135 have come up to my mind several times in the past while out in the mountains. This year, I have entertained the idea and contacted the race director with my resume. I was thrilled yet really scared when I received his reply a few days later:
I already have a meeting with the committee and after revising you resume...they decide to give the opportunity to have fun during 48 hours , running on the rain, fighting crocodiles, anacondas, chitas, mud, hill, pain, blisters, hungry.....and having fun.

From the Brazil 135 webpage:
The Brazil 135 Ultramarathon is considered the most difficult continuous race in Brazil. The course route is on the Mantiqueira Mountains - ( A Sub Range of the Andes Cordillera ). The race is held on the most difficult segment of the Caminho da Fé - Path of the Faith, - the longest Pilgrimage in Brazil. It's inspired in concept the Badwater Ultramarathon in Death valley, California.
BR 135 takes place in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, with only 20 km of the 217 km being run without any inclination (so only about 12 of the 135 miles are flat...the rest is all uphill and downhill). The race boasts more than 10.000m (about 33.000ft) of elevation gain and approximately 9.000m (about 29.000ft) of elevation loss. By the finish line the runner will have completed a course that is analogous to climbing up and down Mt. Everest.